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Hi There!

As a psychologist specialized in Sports and Performance Psychology, Health Behaviour  and Work and Organizational Psychology I aim to perfect the performance and health behaviour of individuals and teams.

During the early stages of my career I have had the opportunity to work in high performance sports settings. In 2013 I worked and lived at the Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Sports Academy for a couple of months as a sports psychologist. Juan Carlos Ferrero is a former World No. 1 tennisplayer, from Spain. His Academy is a training centre for (aspiring) professional tennis players from all over the world and is seen as one of the best places to develop as a tennisplayer.

The way I worked there is applicable to all different kinds of performance settings. Whether you want to perform in sports, in business, in school/university or in life in general, my goal is to  help you overcome the barriers to optimal performance, and maximise your potential. I have a practical and scientifically proven approach.

My philosophy:
Learning how to deal with the pressure to perform is key to attaining the successes you dream of!

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